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by Allison Jones
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Deep Buddha
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Bird Song
Spirit Molecule
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Magic Dance VIDEO
Dance Video of All-Eye-Sun
from TV show 'Dream-Dancer Time',
Woodstock 2000


Magical world art
magical world art "Peaceful Dove"

Paintings that make Visible the Invisible
in this magical world..!

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Bright colors, acrylic on canvas, some hand-stretched.
Handmade Wood Frames continue the painting,
Copper Designs worked into frames. Ready to Hang.

magical world art buddha painting

magical world art buddha painting 'Garden Buddha'
Unique buddha painting for sale, dubbed Deep Buddha!
In the garden with Buddha!

10" x 10" x 1.5" deep canvas


magical world art painting

magical world art angel painting 'Angel Magic'
Guardian Angel painting for sale!
The 'Invisibles' (angels) in this Magical World,
connect to keep us safe!

12.5" x 15" multi-media (canvas, wood, copper)
Handmade Frame with Copper contains 8" x 10" canvas


bird song dawn painting
'Birdsong at Dawn'


spirit molecule ayahuasca painting

'The Spirit Molecule'
(ayahuasca & the shaman)


mayan prophecy painting

"Mayan Prophecy 2012"

8" x 10"
Framed in simple black 1.25" deep frame.

  The painting of the 2nd to last page in The Dresden Codex , when the parents of man return to create a new race, hybrid of compassionate humans and more ancient advanced race!
  Great god 'Bolon Yookte' descends on a rolling spiral barber pole thing,
thats rolling out (from birthing foam during a major star alignment).
Afterwards, 'The Great Rains' will come - to wash away the cities,
and then, the gods will begin their NEW (and improved) hybrid race
with The Survivors of Civilization!
  Artist Allison Jones lived with the Mayan Indians for 6 months, they told her about The Mayan Prophecy.

magical world art future painting
'Our Ancient Future'

3-D Mandala Flower ART

Unique intricate flower mandalas
made of flower photos
layered into 3-D design
in deep frame (glass cover).

9" x 9" x 1.5"

Magical World art flower mandala   
Purple Pansy & Marigold 3-D Flower Mandala

Magic World flower mandala   
Pansy 3-D Flower Mandala

Magical art flower mandala   
Purple Pansy & Marigold 3-D Flower Mandala

Magical World art mandala   
Orchid 3-D Flower Mandala

Magical flower mandala   
Marigold 3-D Flower Mandala




Unique Metalwork JEWELRY

Hand-soldered by Allison Jones
  genuine gemstones & fossils

The Artist, Allison Jones

magical world art amber lotus
Amber Lotus pendant

magical world art heart mermaid
Mermaid on a Lapis Heart.
(made for Miriam)

magical world art moonstone
The rare Diamond Moonstone!

amethyst gemstone pendant 

Cool Amethyst cradled.      Tablet of Angel Wing.
('Seraphinite' fr Seraphim: "The Angels")

magical crystal pendant  magical world art handmade heart
Cool Crystal pendant.        Unique Topaz Heart.

magical world art ruby
Genuine Ruby Crystal with silver Filigree
  (untreated ruby)

Cool Rhodochrosite Spear!

Exquisite Moldavite tip with Prehnite on top.
(intense meteorite goes deep into Olivine layer,
which sprays up, becomes solid).

Thunderbird carrying Chrysocolla
swinging from its claws!

Unique Topaz Heart.

Stunning Rhodochrosite cradled by faceted Garnets.
Has a heart on the back, revealing gemstone.

Unique cut triangle of Rhodochrosite in silver circle!

Silver sailboat over Amazonite.      Bird flying across Amazonite!

Ammonite with rare Sunstone.     Emerald Dolphin (stolen).
(fabulous sunstone!)           Blue Lace Agate with untreated Emerald.

Owl flying with the Carnelian sunrise
carrying in its claws a powerful Herkimer diamond!
Sodalite with lightning bolt coming from Herkimer Diamond!

Ammonite with Cat's Eye       Ammonite silver Bird
(140 million year old crystallized fossil)

Ammonite with Cat's-Eye

Amber beauty with arch of Silver.

Seraphinite (the Angel Stone: Seraphim).

Fabulous Seraphinite with Prehnite from India!

Lightning Bolt of the Thunderbird
Sodalite with lightning bolt coming from Herkimer Diamond!


Dinosaur tooth has image of this 65 ft long dinosaur that swam in the sea once in heart of America! (from S. Dakota dig).

5 mil yr old Pleiocene Horse Tooth
with brass & copper design of the small zebra-like horse
from dig in South Dakota.


Best Exotic Baby Names BOOK
  'Best Exotic Baby Names' BOOK

"Best Exotic Baby Names" BOOK


Tracking Vaccinations BOOKLET

Tracking Vaccinations booklet

Introductory Reference
(how vaccines are made, how they work)


Magical Dancer BOOKLET
"We are energy in an energy field,
in this magical world..!"

Allison Jones (alleyesun) dancing!

Love all Animals
(please do not eat our friends!)

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